Social Media is Obsessed With Olympic Skater Adam Rippon’s Eyebrows

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Adam Rippon is all the rage on social media from his trendy eyebrows to his amazing talent, and of course his love for Reese Witherspoon.

Adam is highly unlikely to contend for another medal based on the difficulty of his program, but he may leave the Games as one of the most famous and popular male figure skaters in the world.

The 28-year-old is creating quite the name for himself with his outgoing, bubbly personality after being outspoken during the buildup to the Olympics about numerous LGBT issues.

During the 2018 Games, he has become known for his epic one-liners.

Adam has said he’s, “always down for a little hocus pocus” and joked saying he “didn’t learn crystals in school”.

NBC Olympics put together a Celebrity Eyebrow Swap with the skating star and fans went wild.

Olympic speed skater Emery Lehman considers the figure skater his direct competition. Well, at least in the eyebrow game.

Even a kitten named Sabastian thought Adam couldn’t have paw-ssibly been more dazzling. 

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