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Six of the best things at Phoenix Comicon 2017. 

Now that we are cooling down after a wild weekend at Phoenix Comicon, it’s time to look back at some of the best things from the con. Of course we have to talk about Cosplay, but there were so many great things you may have missed this year. 

David Anders/Karen David Impromptu Duet
You read that right! On Friday, iZombie’s David Anders and Once Upon a Time’s Karen David broke out into song in the Hall of Heroes singing “A Whole New World.” Luckily, we were there to capture the moment on FB Live. 

CW6 Photo Booth
Hundreds of people stopped by the CW6 Photo Booth to take pics. So many great characters passed through from Arrow and Wonder Woman to Guardians of the Galaxy. Take a look at some of the elaborate costumes.

Phoenix Comicon Safety
On Thursday a man was arrested with multiple real guns, intending to harm police officers. Luckily, police stopped him before anybody was injured, and in turn, Phoenix Comicon increased security and changed the rules to no longer allow prop weapons at this year’s con. Though cosplayers may have missed key parts to costumes, nobody was seriously injured or harmed at Comicon, and the rest of event ran without incident. 

Dick Van Dyke
Even though he’s not your usual Comicon celebrity guest, Van Dyke drew a huge crowd at his first-ever con, and from the looks of it, he was having a great time. 

Here is just a taste of the great cosplay turnout. We couldn’t capture all the great costumes but we found an entire class from Scottsdale Community came dressed as the cast of ‘The 100’. 

Things You Didn’t Know About CW6 Stars
We had the pleasure of interviews three CW Actors and we uncovered some things you most likely didn’t know. Rachel Skarsten, who stars in ‘Reign’, is a huge Riverdale Fan. David Anders from ‘iZombie’ told us he would scratch Robert Buckley, the actor who plays Major Lilywhite, first if he had turned into a zombie. Teddy Sears, formerly on CW’s ‘The Flash’ says he loves the show so much he would take a job as an extra to be on it again.

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