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This Chinese Restaurant will change how you look at noodles. 


If you’ve ever heard the crack of a dry noodle or spent minutes over a boiling pot of water, now is the time to sit back and change the way you view noodles. Sing Chan is the owner of China Magic Noodle House in Chandler, Ariz., where he hand rolls, spins and pulls about 100 pounds of fresh noodles every day. Starting with dough made from scratch, Chan, the lone noodle chef, adds some oil, a pinch of salt and starts working. The first maneuver that will catch your eyes as you watch from the dining area is when Chan lifts the two ends of the long tube of dough over his head, spinning it around itself multiple times. The spinning routine makes a few rounds as circular ridges begin to form. He cuts off a portion, and then the magic happens. Chan effortlessly pulls apart the dough into perfect noodles starting with four, then doubling the amount quickly to eight, then 16, ending at 64, enough for one serving. Since the noodles are fresh, they only need to be in boiling water for about 10 seconds. The noodles are then transferred to ice water to lock in texture and taste, then off to the stir-fry, or served immediately. Chan learned how to hand make noodles nearly a decade ago from his family. In China, where Chan’s family is from, hand making noodles daily is part of the normal routine. 

China Magic has been named the best in Phoenix twice by Phoenix New Times, and this summer was named the best Chinese restaurant in Arizona by CNNGo.

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