NASA at the Big Game

The Big Game

Did you know that NASA has technology in the Super Bowl? And some great game day trivia, too.

No matter what team you’re rooting for, you’re seing NASA technology in action. Their discoveries off the planet have developed all sorts of equipment on the field — from shock-absorbent foam in helmets to retractable stadium roofs.

Oh, and the crew living and working aboard the International Space Station will see the day begin and end TWICE during the big game.

How big is the International Space Station?

How NASA measures distance (hint: no quarterback will ever measure up)

NASA has also has come big eyes in the sky. Need more comparison? Your home telescope mirror is probably less than a foot across

Here’s what the Patriots hometown looks like from space:

And the current home of the Rams:

And Atlanta, before game time:

Check out Super Bowl III…from space:

Learn more about NASA technologies found in your everyday life at

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