Obscure Sports Lingo For Real Sports Fans


If you have ever called it “sportsball” and believe every game of “sportsball” ends with a “touchscore,” then this list will only make you more confused. 

In Field Hockey, a ‘bully’ is used to restart play when it’s unclear which team had possession after play was stopped. For example, after an injury timeout.

If you guessed that a “nick” is when, during a game of Squash, the ball travels very high after hitting the front wall then you are correct! Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to know these.

In golf, when a player hits the tee shot a long way.

In Fencing, when a  line is intentionally left open to entice the opponent to attack. Only in fencing would a “trap” be said so eloquently.

One of the greatest trick plays in American Football happening when the quarterback purposely puts the ball on the ground after it’s hiked by the center. The ball is then picked up by a lineman or other player and, hopefully, runs for the score.

Happy Meal
In darts, when a player scores a 69 in one turn. We see what you did there, darts players.

One of the toughest shots in Tennis, and usually happens when the ball is hit over a player’s head, and while running toward the baseline, he or she hits the ball between his or her legs with their back to the net. And that’s about as simple as words can explain it, but you can watch one here

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