Coyotes Slam the Door on the City of Glendale


I’ve never written a break-up letter, but I’m sure I would be a little more kind than the Arizona Coyotes’ letter to the City of Glendale. 

On Thursday, Coyotes President & CEO Anthony LeBlanc sent a letter to City of Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps shooting down any ideas that the team will be staying in Glendale. 

“Simply put, the Arizona Coyotes have every intention of leaving Glendale as soon as practicable.” 
-Anthony LeBlanc

LeBlanc starts by referring to a letter written by Phelps to Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher saying Glendale is ‘engaged in the Coyotes situation’ which LeBlanc views as a long-term plan with the team. 

LeBlanc responded with: 

“As you know, there is no such dialogue. A dialogue is a two-sided process, and “engagement” between 
two parties attempting to discuss a situation, usually with the goal of finding common ground and solutions.
This is not the case here.”


But LeBlanc doesn’t dance around the break-up. He gets to the heart of the problem that is obviously still bothering him and the organization. 

“By unilaterally breaking a 15-year signed management agreement with the team  a contract the Coyotes

would have honored for the length of its term  the Council effectively evicted us from our home.”

The Glendale City Council voted to void the contract with the Coyotes in June 2015 — less than two years after it was approved. 

The end of page one is a recap of economic highlights from LeBlanc. He states the team saw record revenue, attendance trending upward and an increasing number of non-hockey events at Gila River Arena. 

The City of Glendale’s new contract with AEG was a chance to show that Glendale wanted to keep the Coyotes, but the Yotes’ President isn’t buying it. LeBlanc even drops Phelp’s first name is the most spine-chilling way. 

“In sum, Kevin, a bad deal is a bad deal.”

You can tell LeBlanc wanted to say SO MUCH more, but he was able to clarify his point without drawing too much blood. 

In conclusion: 

“…I hope that sometime in the future, you and the next Glendale City Council will come to a game as my guest. It would be my pleasure.”

Sorry, City of Glendale. You might want to let this one go. The Coyotes are proving they are not a franchise that will be pushed around. 

The Arizona Coyotes will play the 2016-17 season at Gila River Arena in Glendale. The City of Phoenix Mayor said he is working on a plan to bring the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, and the Coyotes into one stadium in Phoenix

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