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PHOENIX- Small but mighty. The iconic mouse droid from ‘Star Wars’ may have had a short career in film, but its impact as an internet clip is timeless. 

The mouse droid, alongside a K-9 Unit from Dr. Who and the unmistakeable BB-8 droid make for a creative cast of characters brought to life by local droid builders. Those droids invaded the YourPHX CW office ahead of Phoenix Fan Fusion. 

The local builders belong to clubs like AZ Builders and the Mouse Droid Builders Club. 

“Growing up and seeing something like this on TV and then here we are 30-40 years later being able to construct one and create one yourself was what really got us into the hobby,” said Michael James who built a 1980’s version of a K-9 Droid from Dr. Who.   

 The BB-8,  that took four months to build, is loaded with original sounds and music. It’s builder explains how the head stays connected to the body.  

 “Magnets. And that’s always the number one question,” said Carey Christie II. “It essentially has a piece on the inside that controls the magnets, and then there’s magnets in the head as well. So when you move the piece on the inside, the head wants to do what the magnet’s doing.”  

These builders are sharing their creations at Phoenix Fan Fusion, and hope to spark an interest in science and engineering. 

“[We want to] give the kids, as they come up and ask questions, a background on STEM stuff and try to pique their interest and do engineering at school,” said Thomas Arroyo IV. 

“The whole reason why I made them was to entertain the kids. To bring something to life for them. Although I’ve had grown men cry,” said Christie. 

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