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PHOENIX – You might be surprised to know one of the world’s largest golf retailers is located in Arizona.

PING Golf’s North American headquarters and assembly warehouse is nestled just west of north mountain in Phoenix. At this facility, PING employees design and manufacture bags and clubs, and test new products.

Anytime PING employees design a new club, they test it before production at the on-site golf research and test range. Doppler Radar tracks and analyzes every golf shot from beginning to end.

“We look at your clubhead speed. We look at your launch angle. We look at your spin rates,” said James Lee, PING Golf. “The slower your clubhead speed. The more launch and the more spin you need to keep that ball airborne.”

James Lee, Professional club fitter at PING

For a custom fit, PING will fly in golf pro’s to work with professional club fitters, like James Lee, to make small adjustments for the player’s unique swing.

Then a player’s data is collected and sent to the on-site factory where custom clubs are being assembled.

“Once an order is placed a card is generated,” said Lee. On that card are the specifications such as club length and stiffness. The first station that use the cards assembles the club shaft with the head, making for the first draft of your golf clubs.

One club changes hands multiple times while traveling through the assembly lines in Phoenix. One person will cut the shaft of the club to meet the needed length before passing it off to the next station that molds the club’s launch angle.

Once fitted with a grip, the club set it packaged up and shipped out from Arizona.

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