Mother-daughter duo creates unique pillow designs in North Phoenix

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Uniik Pillows

PHOENIX – Carealee and Yolindi de Gouveia started creating eclectic pillows in their home five years ago and in 2018, opened their store, Uniik Pillows.

The mother-daughter duo couldn’t find the artistic pillow designs desired in stores.

That’s why they took matters into their own hands.

“We create things that positively influence other people,”

said Uniik Pillow owner, Yolindi de Gouveia. 

“[I] really love doing this, just expressing myself and getting to create something I love”,

said Uniik Pillow designer, Carealee de Gouveia.

Uniik Pillows doesn’t limit themselves with the cushion items, Carealee designs home decor that will bring a splash of color to homes. 

Yolindi emphasizes “That makes it very special, definitely adds the human aspect of what we do.” 

“I’ve always been a designer ever since I was little. I love just creating different artworks”, Carealee added.

You may notice that de Gouveia’s work is influenced by her birthplace.

“There’s a lot of inspiration that comes from being from South Africa,”

said Yolindi. 

They’ve adopted Arizona as their home, that’s why Yolindi gave her daughter a unique request for a hand-made pillow cover. Yolindi told Your Phoenix CW that the most unique request to put on a pillow was a telegram that was sent to the astronauts when they went to the moon the first time. 

Uniik pillows is located at 302 W Melinda Ln, Suite 5, Phoenix, AZ 85027. You can also visit their website at

“It’s so much more than a pillow,’

said Yolindi.

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