Hungry for nostalgia? Chloe tries B:fast Cereal Bar in Phoenix

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It's breakfast for lunch, dinner and dessert.

PHOENIX- Remember your favorite cereals from childhood? B:fast Cereal Bar at the Biltmore Fashion Park is mixing, blending and topping over 20 kinds.

“I wanted to create something fast and efficient plus give an alternative to fried foods, bagels and doughnuts.”

Ernesto Peralta, B:fast Cereal Bar Owner

Once you narrow down your cereal choices, it’s time to pick from over ten milks including color-changing “magic” milk. Plus, a variety of toppings.

“I could have a bowl of cereal everyday and never get sick of it.”

Ernesto Peralta, B:fast Cereal Bar Owner

In case you do get sick of using a spoon, B:fast also churns out cereal milkshakes. Chloe tried the Cookie Crisp and Oreo O’s shake topped with more cereal and chocolate sprinkles.

“It’s not too heavy and has that distinct Cookie Crisp flavor.”

Chloe Mar

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