Enchanted Chapters bookstore in Phoenix sets standard for sensory-friendly stores

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This is not your average bookstore.

PHOENIX- Enchanted Chapters bookstore in Phoenix might seem like an average store. In reality, it’s a beacon in Arizona setting a standard for sensory-friendly stores.

“The short version is, I’m an autism parent and I have two kids with autism. It was difficult for us to do pretty much anything.”

Andrea Montepagano, Enchanted Chapters Owner and Manager

Andrea Montepagano, owner and manager, says anything from bright lights to loud noises could trigger a meltdown for her kids. So she took matters into her own hands, creating a space that caters to everyone.

Enchanted Chapters opened in October and is designed to be very calming. They also hold in-store events crafted to be more accessible to kids on the spectrum with minimal music and low lights.

The store specializes in youth fiction and non-fiction books but also has a selection of other genres. One of the store’s most popular features is “Bellatrix the Bookstore Cat”.

Andrea says she hopes to bring awareness and inspire other store owners to make their stores more accommodating with simple changes.

“When I had my daughter, I didn’t really even understand what autism was. If I didn’t have her, I don’t know that I would’ve ever done this because I don’t know that I would’ve known that it existed.”

Andrea Montepagano, Enchanted Chapters Owner and Manager

Enchanted Chapters is open Monday through Sunday and is located at 10880 N 32nd St #11, Phoenix, AZ 85028 – Thunderbird & Shea.

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