Check out some of the must-see foods from the Arizona State Fair

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PHOENIX- The Arizona State Fair has a lot of amazing things to offer, like the exhilarating rides but, by far, fried food tops the list.

“Every time the fair comes to town, everyone wants the newest deep fried treat.”

Jackie Bradbury, Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks, a fair staple, offers a variety of deep-fried desserts. This year, the stand’s latest creation is deep-fried cheesecake. However, they always offer classic items like deep-fried Oreos and unique items like deep-fried Pop-Tarts.

If fried sweets aren’t enough, West Coast Weenies’ two-foot corn dog is sure to fill visitors up.

“We wanted to do something different. I don’t know what’s more different than a two foot two pound corn dog.”

Nathan Marchus, West Coast Weenies

It takes two wieners tied together to craft the massive corn dog. Plus, it barely fits in the fryer.

Arizona State Fair goers can get their fried food fix now through Oct. 27. Find more information and tickets online.

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