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Summer Skincare is all in the sunscreen.


Follow these tips to take care of your skin in this summer heat. 

  1. Buy a sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Sunscreen with zinc oxide tend to be lighter than those with titanium dioxide. 
  2. Multiply the SPF by the number of minutes it generally takes for you to get a sunburn to learn how often to reapply your sunscreen. (If it takes 10 minutes for you to burn, and your sunscreen is SPF 15, you should reapply every 150 minutes!)
  3. Eat citrus and berries to prevent sunburns.
  4. Get yourself some refreshing cucumber spritzer to keep your face cool. 
  5. Feel like you’re at the horse races everyday by wearing a large, wide-rimmed hat. 
  6. Always throw out your sunscreen after it expires. 
  7. Wash your makeup off each night and hydrate with a moisturizer before bed. 

If you follow these simple rules… your skin will be on long-term fleek! 

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