Working 10 hour days can increase the risk of having a stroke


PHOENIX According to an American Heart Association Journal, those who have long work days, 10 hours or more, have an increased chance of having a stroke in their lifetime. 

This study was conducted by Stroke: A Journal of Cerebral Circulation. Researchers pulled data from a French population with a detailed questionnaire that looked at age, sex and of course, work hours. The results may just have you second guessing that double you picked up for tonight. 

Participants who have long work hour days at least 50 times a year- 29 percent increase in risk of stroke

Participants that work long hour work days for more than 10 years- 45 percent increase in risk of stroke

These trends were most present in younger participants under the age of 50

Yikes! Though you may be tempted to work excessive hours for the paycheck that will come at the end of the week, it may not be worth it. Who knew overworking could really hurt your health? 

What is a stroke? These medical emergencies can happen to anyone and occur when brain cells are deprived of oxygen. And they can be fatal!

We may not always be able to help how long we work a day. However, it is important to put health first and remember to take care of yourself. 

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