We have been pronouncing Rihanna’s name all wrong


Apparently we have all been pronouncing Rihanna’s name wrong!  

In an interview for British Vogue, Rihanna introduces herself while simultaneously blowing the internets mind by pronouncing her name as “ree-ANN-uh” instead of “ree-AH-nuh.”

The fans on Twitter are shook. One user claims RiRi left North America for London purely based on the idea that they’ve been pronouncing her name properly this whole time.

For her fans in America, it looks like we’ve been saying her name incorrectly since she released her single debut, “Pon de Replay” in 2005. 

Even Rihanna tried to clear the confusion in an interview with entertainment reporter, AJ Hammer back in 2012 saying, “It is ‘ree-ANN-uh.’

If her fans are still having trouble figuring out the correct pronunciation, no worries, she still goes by RiRi. 

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