Valley Dealership Gifts Veteran New Truck After Heroic Act


One Valley dealership gifts a California resident a new vehicle after saving dozens of lives in Las Vegas.

Sean Beus, the owner of B5 Motors in Gilbert, Ariz., was inspired after reading about a veteran who selflessly transported victims during the Las Vegas mass shooting to the hospital. “If more of us could be more selfless and think in seconds to help, this world would be a lot better place,” said Beus. His team was able to track down the veteran on social media, in hopes that he would accept a gift from them. However, it wasn’t just an ordinary gift, it was something much greater. “These people wanted to step up and contribute something to me and I’ve been very fortunate,” said Taylor Winston. B5 Motors tracked Winston down to gift him with a 2015 Ford F-150. “This is for him. We’re paying the taxes, we’re paying everything so there’s no cost out-of-pocket,” Beus explained. The dealership also paid for Winton’s travel expenses. Winston, who lives in San Diego, Calif.,  keeps in touch with some of the victims he saved and says they have an inexplicable bond. “I think that’s been the most amazing experience for me, honestly, is being able to look them in the eye and share the experience and hug each other and know that they’re super strong and going to pull through,” said Winston. 

Winston opted to keep the truck from B5 Motors. He will sell his old vehicle and give proceeds to the Las Vegas mass shooting victims. 

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