This Robot Can Open Doors Literally and Figuratively


Robots can now open closed doors. I repeat, robots can now open closed doors. For those of you who fear robots taking over the world, well brace yourselves, technology is advancing, and robots are getting good.

Boston Dynamics has put out a video of one of their newest robots not being able to open a door due to the lack of no arms, but then out comes another robot with an arm type handle attached to the top of it and opens the door for the both of them.


Now that’s a terrifying thing to see yet interesting how advanced our technology has come. In other videos posted by Boston Dynamics, you can see what they call “Spot Mini” roaming around a house. The robot is putting dishes away, recycling cans, going up the stairs and even slips on a banana peel, but can get itself up using its handle.

According to their website, this is their quietest robot created. The spot mini can go for about 90 minutes depending on what the robot is doing before needing to be charged again.

Plenty of different videos have been released from Boston Dynamics of different robots doing regular activities, you wouldn’t’t think robots could do it all.

Their first robot was released a year ago and we cannot wait to see what their next robot will do.

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