This Phone May Cure Our Technology Addiction

Light Phone 2

Curing our addiction to smartphones is nearly impossible, but one company is moving in the right direction.

Light is a start-up company based in Brooklyn. They’ve created a phone called the Light Phone 2. It’s designed to encourage people to leave their phone behind, but at the same time, it can make calls, send text messages, and give directions.

Joe Hollier and Kai Tang are the creators and developers of the company. According to Business Insider, they were asked to create smartphone apps for Google but decided that there were enough apps out there and switched gears to creating a phone that is meant for very little use.

Their first phone was called the Light Phone, but that was only used to make and receive calls. The second edition of the phone now has an alarm clock, a large speaker, a microphone and buttons for texting. It comes in black and white and is about the length and width of a credit card.

If you’re looking to tune out the social media world, put your phone down and enjoy life, then you can pre-order the phone for $250 starting March 1. The phone won’t ship out until next year though. The price will rise to $400 within the next few weeks.

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