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Franchesca Santana will never forget 2012. That’s the year her life changed.

While pregnant, she noticed something unusual on her neck. “Within a few days, it literally looked like I swallowed a golf ball,” Franchesca explained.

She was diagnosed with head and neck cancer, induced a month early and shortly after, began treatment. While undergoing treatment, she went months at a time without seeing her newborn daughter and family.

“During the time that I was undergoing treatment, I realized rather quickly that I didn’t want this to continue to happen. I needed to make changes, and so I did,” she said.

The new mom refused to give up. She began reading books about health and wellness and experimenting in the kitchen.

Her health took a dramatic turn in the right direction so she started sharing her newfound knowledge with fellow patients.

“It kind of turned into a business,” she said.

That business is now called Fran’s Kitchen. The meal delivery service company uses fresh and organic ingredients. They have services for all diets, including vegan and vegetarian.

It begins with a consultation about your individual needs.

“We now have specialized protocols and diets that help with special and unique situations,” she explained.

Meals are catered for you and your specific health needs. This includes a variety of things across the board from lupus or cancer to those just trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

“The diet plays such a huge role into the recovery and we’re able to do that for them and it makes me feel amazing,” Fran said.

What else is amazing is how well clients are doing.

“We had so many Stage 4 cancer patients last year and they were all told we can’t do anything for you [from doctors]. And now, more than 90 percent of our clients are in remission,” she said.

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