This Backpack Feeds Thousands Of Kids Every Week


Kitchen on the Street started 10 years ago. Now, founders Lisa and Vince Scarpinato feed thousands of kids every week with their “Bags of Hope”. 

The program feeds kids who rely on school lunch programs and all too often go hungry on weekends. The non-profit feeds 2,000 kids from schools across the Valley thanks to volunteer support.

Kitchen on the Street decided to expand in 2015 and open a restaurant Street Cafe & Lounge to be able to generate more funding and feed even more kids. The cafe re-purposes rescued food to dish out meals from their ever-changing menu. Rescued food is food unwanted by retailers, often for cosmetic reasons, but is still edible. All proceeds benefit Kitchen on the Street.

Get involved by volunteering to pack “Bags of Hope” with non perishable food items 

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