Theory: Sam Smith and Adele are the Same Person

Adele Super-Imposed as Sam Smith

Have you ever seen Adele and Sam Smith in the same room at the same time?

I think NOT.

We’ve all heard the rumors that the two iconic singers are actually one incredible artist, but could it be true? Your Phoenix CW investigative team (of one intern) broke down the facts: 

1. The two singers both have equally heavenly voices that can bring a tear to anyone’s eye

2. Both sing sad songs

3. Both are award-winning sensations

4. Both are British icons


When Adele’s music is slowed down, it sounds oddly familiar. Kind of like the voice of Sam Smith!

We have all the evidence, but how do we know for sure?

The truth is the world may never know, but we’re onto you Adele. . .or should we say Sam. . . . .okay, now we’re confused.

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