The Internet Has A New Harry Potter Theory

Harry Potter Theory


A new Harry Potter theory could break the hearts of fans if true, and J.K. Rowling didn’t exactly say it wasn’t.


Some Harry Potter theories are completely false and J.K. Rowling is more than happy to let you know when you’re dead wrong. But how about this new theory sweeping the internet? The theory goes like this: Harry Potter went mad from abuse from his family. Instead of being a wizard and going to Hogwarts the whole series is a figment of his imagination. When the theory was recently run by J.K. Rowling, she didn’t exactly deny it. “I think that’s a fabulous point, and that speaks so perfectly to the truth to the books, because I had it suggested that to me more than once that Harry actually did go mad in the cupboard, and that everything that happened subsequently was some sort of fantasy life he developed to save himself,” Rowling said. Let’s analyze this... So she didn’t exactly confirm this theory, but she didn’t really deny it either. The worst part is that this theory isn’t really that far off, it actually makes total sense since the book made it very clear that the Dursleys abused Harry. One things for sure, if this theory turns out to be true a lot of Harry Potter fans will need a ride to the hospital to piece together our shattered  hearts.

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