Apple pulled Instagram stalking app from App Store

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PHOENIX- Apple has removed an app for the App Store that allows people to view others’ Instagram activity.

The app “Like Patrol” uses Instagram data to allow people to track anyone’s Instagram interactions.

Instagram sent the app’s creators a cease-and-desist note just last week for being in violation of the terms of service. Then, it was completely removed from the App Store by Apple on Saturday, Nov. 9.

The app is the more invasive version of Instagram’s recently removed feature, the “Following” tab. The tab showed different posts and accounts the people you follow interact with.

The app cost up to $80 a year and the app’s creator Sergio Luis Quintero said that they had less than 300 people registered in October in an email to CNET.

Like Patrol collected data by gender, allowing those who have registered to be notified if someone they follow engaged with posts from either men or women. They also have a method to detect if the posts they engaged with were those of attractive people.

The app developers said they planned to fight Instagram’s cease-and-desist order, but they might not continue with that after Apple’s removal of the app. Without Apple, there are significantly fewer devices to download and purchase a subscription in the app.

The app is not in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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