STUDY: Two weeks without exercise is enough to damage a fit person’s body


PHOENIX – A new study showed that with two weeks of sedentary  behavior people who were fit showed a decrease in heart and lung health. An increase in waist circumference, greater body and liver fat, and even showed raised levels of insulin resistance.

“Two weeks of reduced physical activity — from approximately 10,000 steps per day down to 1,500 per day — caused changes in health markers that are associated with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

Kelly Bowden Davies- study author

Don’t feel defeated just yet! The study also showed that with exercise, the body can bounce back pretty quickly.

In the study they tested 28 regularly active adults- 18 women, 10 men. Their average body mass index (BMI) was about 24 BMI.

They had them cut their daily activity tremendously, and after two weeks of reduced activity, they tested their heart and lung health, waist circumference, body and liver fat, and levels of insulin resistance.

Bowden Davies said cardiorespiratory fitness levels dropped by 4 percent in just two weeks.

Waist circumference rose by nearly one-third of an inch. Liver fat increased by 0.2 percent. Total body fat went up by 0.5 percent. Insulin resistance increased and triglyceride — a type of blood fat — levels went up slightly.
Fourteen days after resuming activity, these measures all bounced back, the investigators found.

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