Study: 86 Percent of young Americans want to become a social media influencer


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PHOENIX- In a new study by Morning Consult, 86 percent of people between the ages of 13 and 38 aspire to be a social media influencer.

In a world where the internet rules most things, this study showed that a large majority of young people want to be an influencer.

They surveyed over 2,000 Gen Z and Millennials and found that 72 percent of them follow influencers, and of the people studied, 12 percent of them considered themselves influencers already.

Among the findings, 56 percent have bought a product after seeing an influencer they follow post about it.

They also found that amongst the two generations studied, they have different motivations for becoming an influencer:

Here are other findings from the survey:

  • For Gen Z, YouTubers are as known and likable as major celebrities.
  • 88 percent find it important for influencers to be authentic and consider their interests.
  • 88 percent discover products they want to buy on social media.
  • For men, YouTube is the most popular social media source, while for women, it’s Instagram.
  • 27 percent know an influencer personally.

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