Scottsdale Fourth Grader Makes ‘Buddy Bench’


A fourth grader makes a ‘Buddy Bench’ to make everyone feel included. 

Olivia Feldman, a fourth grader at Pardes Jewish Day School in Scottsdale, Ariz., wanted to make sure all her classmates felt included on the playground. So, with a little help from Families Giving Back and her fellow classmates, she created the school’s very own Buddy Bench. This isn’t your typical Buddy Bench. Olivia personalized the bench for her school by calling it a Mensch Bench. Olivia explained the Hebrew word means kind or nice. The ultimate goal of the bench is to make students feel included. If someone is feeling lonely, they sit on the bench signaling to others they’re in need of a friend. Olivia says the bench works so well even if a classmate is about to sit on the bench, someone will come play with them.

Families Giving Back helped Olivia make her Mensch Bench a reality. The non-profit connects families with volunteer opportunities in Phoenix. 

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