Savannah restaurants serving evacuees


While lots of Savannah is boarded up and closed for Hurricane Irma, some restaurants are opening their doors to those still in town.

Owner John Baker says the neighborhood is still full of people, and most of the patrons just walked up.
He says his bar is open and the kitchen is running full service.

He says he’d like to stay open over the next couple of days if he has enough inventory or can get deliveries.

Despite the weather, he says it’s fun giving people, including some evacuees from Florida, a distraction from the storm.

John Baker, owner of Bar Food, says, “I’ve got a bunch of people from Tampa, from Jacksonville, Miami. We’ve got half of Florida in the bar today, so we’ve having a lot of fun.”

Andy Villicana is an evacuee from Tampa in Savannah with his family. “We’ve been buried in the news, just watching the Weather Channel, all the local stations and everything, and from there, we had to leave. That’s why we came here. I said, ‘I have to get away. We have to take a break just from the television’.”

The Villicana’s are staying with family nearby in a house with 14 people, 2 cats and 5 dogs. They say they’re thankful the storm won’t be as strong as initially expected when it hits Tampa.

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