Rock the Unicorn Hair Trend


Nicole Olyejar, owner of Xtend Yourself Salon is all about helping clients express who they are on the inside get exposed on the outside. 

“It’s about extending the possibilities. It’s about extending how you see yourself. How other see you,” she said. 

She also stands behind embracing the weirdness.

“The weirdness is just your individuality and expression,” she explained.

Olyejar is a true wiz when it comes to hair, and the work she creates is truly magical.

The stylist is great at everything, but one thing that sets her apart is her ability to seamlessly create unicorn hair. Think a mesh of ombre and highlights, but with vibrant and fun colors like purple, blue and red. 

For Olyejar, a unicorn represents what every little girl desires but loses touch with as they get older.

“I always had the desire to bring somebody’s inner-unicorn out and give them the opportunity to show what they’re feeling in the inside, on the outside, and a lot of people do that with color,” she explained.

It’s a look she believes can be done at any age.

Her client, Jessica Ewert, went for a “mature unicorn” look and could not believe the results.

“I feel beautiful youthful, spunky, I love it!” said Ewert.

Tessa Sharp, went for what Olyejar calls the baby unicorn look “keeping it bright and vibrant and fun.”

Sharp’s look contained various shades of purple, silver and blue.

“I am feeling fabulous. Even when I’m not looking in the mirror, I know it looks amazing and that makes me feel good,” said Sharp.

Hearing her client’s statement and watching their reactions is something Olyejar never gets tired of.

“That’s why I do what I do. I love that,” she said.

Not only is she the master of unicorn hair, she originally opened the salon for a very different reason.

“I opened this space because it’s small, it’s private, it’s homey so that these ladies can come here and feel safe,” she explained fighting back tears.

She created a safe space for chemotherapy patients.

“I do the scalp cleansing, the head shaving. I help them learn how to wear wigs,” she said. 

Giving each client the ability to leave her salon feeling beautiful is something close to Olyejar’s heart.

“Whether it’s helping the women that are going through chemotherapy or allowing somebody who might not feel they are expressing themselves to the world the way they feel they are on the inside, there is no price tag,” she said. 

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