Ranch-flavored White Claw Hard Seltzer: real or fake?


Would you drink it?

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PHOENIX- Since summer started, hard seltzers have been all the rage. Companies have released their own version of spiked seltzers beverages like Smirnoff, BON & VIV, Truly, Henry’s and even Corona.

But most can agree that White Claw Hard Seltzer has been the talk of the town for a while now.

With all the attention White Claw has received, it was only time for a parody to come of it.

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Yo @ericfuckingandre is this even legal???

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Worst Buy, an Instagram account dedicated to things people shouldn’t buy, fake products, spoofs, etc., released a picture of Hidden Valley Ranch flavored White Claws.

Combining ranch and White Claw doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven but surprisingly, people aren’t mad about it. In fact, ranch has been another popular trend recently.

More people have tagged along with the trend.

Another Instagram account, lolcaesars, shares memes about fake collaborations with Little Caesars pizza. They even commented on the ranch White Claw post with, “Pairs nicely with our HOT&READY Pepperoni Whiteclaw.”

But ranch and White Claws are two very unique and popular items that are special to a lot of people but mixing them together? That’s a concept I’m not sure I can get behind.

Would you try it?

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