Quick 6 What’s Cheap At Whole Foods Thanks To Amazon

Amazon Takes Over Whole Foods

Quick 6 price changes now that Amazon owns Whole Foods. 

The acquisition between Amazon and Whole Foods closed Monday, August 28, meaning the pair are pretty much Facebook official. The goal is to make healthy organic food affordable for shoppers. From fresh fish to produce, prices are down across the board at 460 stores across the country.

Here’s a a look at what’s cheap now with more price cuts to come:

1. Almond butter is a dollar cheaper now selling for $6.99 a jar.

2. Avocados, which used to cost $2.99 each, are now $1.49 each.

3. Organic brown eggs are $3.99 per dozen, down from $4.39.

4. Butter was cut from $5.29 to $4.49

5. Fresh Atlantic Salmon is $5 cheaper, now selling for $9.99 per pound.

6. Apples are also cheaper, with Gala now being sold for $1.99 (reduced from $2.99) and Fuji apples also being reduced to $1.99 a pound, down from $3.49.

Possibly the biggest sign Amazon set up shop?  You can find Echo devices available for purchase at select stores. Soon you’ll see even more Amazon branding with Amazon lockers in select stores and special discounts for Prime members.

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