Quick 6 Ways to Save on Valentine’s Day


Avoid the death stare and save money with the non-holiday bouquets and other tips to save money on Valentine’s Day. 

People in the United States will spend $2 billion spent on flowers this Valentine’s Day. That’s a lot of Chipotle burritos that could’ve been enjoyed. Instead, save some dollars while still giving great flowers this holiday by following these six tips.

1. Opt Out of Valentine’s Day Up-Sell – Almost all floral retailers will create Valentine’s Day-specific offers to catch your eye. Those bouquets come with a hefty price tag, and often lack on the stem count you are looking for. Avoid the holiday-specific bundles.

2. Know your Farmer’s Market – Get to know a Farmer’s Market in your neighborhood before Valentine’s Day. Pay attention to bouquet costs when it’s not a floral holiday so that you have a baseline before prices increase. 

3. Don’t Procrastinate – Many companies offer incentives to place your Valentine’s Day order in advance, so that they can get a sense of how much inventory to allocate for the major holiday. Take advantage of those offers and you can save quite a bit – you can also sit back and relax while everyone else is scrambling to find the last red and pink flowers!

4. Learn How to Pick Fresh Flowers –  A real flower pro, though, will know to look for bouquets or bunches where the flowers are still closed. Those blooms are the most fresh, and will continue to bloom for days to come.

5. Do Some Recon – Sending flowers online? Do all that you can to make sure those blooms are fresh and look good. Check to see where your retailer ships from, and opt for a business that sources flowers from U.S. farms. 

6. Think Outside the Vase – Don’t fall for the clichés this Valentine’s Day. Skip the vase and look for companies that keep costs down for consumers by wrapping bouquets in Kraft paper for that farm-fresh look. Remember, just because everyone is advertising red roses this Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to buy them. 

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