Quick 6 Ways to Save Money On Prom


Quick 6 easy ways to save money on prom. 

Prom night is a special night for American teens and an expensive one for their parents. According to the latest (2015) VISA survey, the average prom spending was projected to be $919. However, it’s still possible to keep costs down while keeping the night special. Here are six methods to help you be fabulous on a budget.

Rent your Outfit – Dresses and formal men’s wear can be rented in many places for far less than the cost to purchase. If there are no suitable places near where you live, online rental is an option. For example, renttherunway.com has designer dresses available for reasonable rental rates, typically under $100. Unless you have reason to expect to wear a prom dress on multiple occasions, rental makes the most sense.

Tone Down the “Promposal” – The recent trend of making an elaborate show of asking someone to prom, known as the “
promposal,” is getting quite expensive. According to the VISA survey, $324 of the average $919 spending was expected to go toward the promposal. Keep the proposal simple, and save the extravagance for prom night. Pushing your bank account into overdraft or getting into high-interest-rate debt that you struggle to pay off can harm your credit. You can check your credit score and read your credit report for free within minutes using Credit Manager by MoneyTips.

Avoid Expensive Makeovers – You want to look your best for the prom, but that doesn’t necessarily require an expensive trip to a salon. There are plenty of videos online to provide assistance and inspiration to do your own hair and makeup. Take advantage of any talented individuals in your family for assistance.

Transportation – You really don’t need a limo for prom, do you? If you do, try to share and split the cost with other couples. Otherwise, consider simpler transportation such as the family car. If all else fails, have one set of parents drop you off and pick you up. Ask them to put on a chauffeur’s uniform if it makes you feel better (and if you manage to talk your parents into that, tip well).

Take Your Own Photos – Skip the costly professional prom photos and take your own. Use your phone at the prom, and ask your parents to take pre-prom photos.

Keep Dinner Reasonable – If you and your date are going out for a pre-prom dinner, choose a location that is nice but not outrageously expensive. Do your homework and check out the prices before you go to avoid nasty sticker shocks. However, don’t save money by skimping on the tip. Your servers depend on the tip for income, and they deserve to be treated well.

Adults, these tips are for you too. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is hosting Adult Prom Saturday, May 27, from 7-11 p.m. 

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