Quick 6 Selfie Hacks


Quick 6 hacks that will help you take your best selfie.

It’s National Selfie Day, and to celebrate properly we have 6 hacks and gadgets that will help you take your best selfie.

1. Natural lighting is key to getting your best selfie; but beware of standing in direct sunlight, which can cause harsh shadows. Find and face the source of sunlight in a shaded area or in front of the nearest window to get the best light! 

2. Can’t seem to get that perfect natural light? Well, from Kardashian-endorsed Lumee cases to $10 Amazon clip ons, the light-up selfie case will make sure you have the best lighting for your selfies wherever you go.

3. Zoom in! If you bring the camera in too close you may be distorting your features. Instead, hold the camera out and use the zoom feature to get up close and personal.

4. Give your picture a new look by trying out lens attachments for your phone. Wide angle, fisheye, and macro lenses can be found on Amazon for great prices.

5. Do a DIY photoshoot with your phone camera’s self timer by propping your phone up against a stable item or buying a phone tripod. This feature is perfect for getting full body pictures and action shots.

6. A great edit can completely change your selfie. From basic photo edits to filters and light leaks, apps such as VSCO cam, Afterlight, and Snapseed provide everything you need to make your selfie stand out.

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