Quick 6 on President George H.W. Bush



Former President George H.W. Bush is turning 93.



On this day in 1924, future president 41 George H.W. Bush was born. To celebrate, here are 6 fun facts about his life and legacy.

  1. Bush’s granddaughter, Poppy Louise, is named after his childhood nickname “Poppy”.

  2. He was captain of the Yale University baseball team, in which he played in two College World Series Championships.

  3. Bush nearly died of a staph infection as a teenager, which forced him to repeat a year of high school once healthy.

  4. Bush graduated from Yale in two and a half years, and by that time he was already married with a son.

  5. Bush was the first sitting vice president to be elected since Martin Van Buren in 1836.

  6. Bush highly dislikes broccoli – so much he banned it from his plate when he was in the White House or Air Force One.

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