Phoenix, Yuma Experience Hotter than Usual August


Temperatures were higher than normal for August in two Arizona cities. 

But it’s a dry heat! The heat was turned up this past month in Phoenix and Yuma, Ariz. The National Weather Service Phoenix says the average temperature in both cities were higher than 
usual when compared to recorded temperatures from 1981-2010. The average high temperature during August in Phoenix is 104.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature for August 2017 in Phoenix was 105.4 degrees, one degree hotter and the 18th warmest August in the time frame.

In Yuma, the normal high temperature is 106.2 degrees F from ’81 to 2010. The average high temperature for August 2017 was 107.6 degrees F, tied for the 18th warmest August. The average temperature during August rose more than a degree above the normal 94.3 degrees to 95.9 degrees. 

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