Phoenix Radio Host Rescues Stray Dogs


A Phoenix radio personality shares his home with dozens of rescue dogs. 

Johnjay Van Es is a matchmaker. He’s set up five different couples on first dates, all ended with marriage. So when given a lost Chihuahua three years ago, Van Es and his wife Blake had no problem finding the dog a home. “Matchmaker Van Es” was back. Shortly after, the LovePup Foundation was born. It’s a foster care organization run by Johnjay and Blake, and their three sons, Kemp, Jake, and Dutch.  The family has since opened their home to dozens of dogs over the past three years, ranging from strays and homeless dogs to pets whose owners have passed away. The family has six dogs of their own, adding to the nearly 30 foster dogs roaming the backyard. Being a radio personality for 104.7 KISS FM’s ‘Johnjay and Rich’ morning show in Phoenix, Ariz., Johnjay has no problem finding pets to rescue and their forever homes. But with so many paws, everyone in the family has to help out.  “We all pitch in. We all clean up poop. We all play with the puppies,” said Blake. “If you’re gonna live in our house you gotta help out that’s just part of the deal.” Some dogs are easier to take in and let go than others, but Kemp, Jake, and Dutch have all bonded with foster dogs, making it harder to say goodbye. In the end, every dog finds a great home. “Everybody loves dogs. Dogs are like firefighters,” said Johnjay. “If you don’t love dogs something’s wrong with you. If you don’t love firefighters, something’s wrong with you.”

When a dog is brought in, it is taken for a vet evaluation and given updated shots before being placed with a new family. There’s no adoption fee. You can follow success stories on the LovePup website and help support the foundation by purchasing a #LovePup t-shirt

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