Papa John’s Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza is Back

Papa John's Jack-o-Lantern Pizza

Papa John’s loves to dish out holiday-themed pizzas.

For Valentine’s Day, they cooked up heart-shaped pizzas, sure to warm your cold heart.

Now, it’s time for Halloween to have its moment. Through Oct. 31, the pizza company will be serving jack-o’-lantern style pizzas, priced at $11 a piece.

You must enter the code “JACKOLANTERN” on the Papa John’s website in order to get your hands on this spooky good deal.

Papa John’s is also offering other Halloween deals. Enter the code “GHOST” and get your hands on five large one-topping pizzas with three sides for $55. Want to skip the sides? There’s another deal with just the five pizzas for $42.50 when you use the code “SCARE” when ordering online.

In response to a tweet that suggested Papa John’s follow up their jack-o’-lantern pizza with a Christmas-themed pizza, the company’s Twitter account said, “Maybe, you never know you’ll have to wait and see!”

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