On the Ice with Douglas Razzano


Ice skating in the desert is a concept that may not sound conventional to some, but there are a handful of ice skating champions that come out of Phoenix, Ariz.

One of those champions includes Douglas Razzano, who began the sport after watching the Olympics as a kid.

“I started when I was 9 and that was right after the Negano Olympics that was Tara Lipisnki and Michelle Kwan,” he said.

The sport became a lifestyle and he began skating competitively shortly after. 

He retired professionally in 2015, Razzano says that his career highlight came in 2014 during the U.S. Figure Skating Championship in Boston, Mass. He gave the performance of a lifetime and it is a moment he will never forget.

“To have most of the TD Garden on their feet at the end of my performance and tears of joy. I just think about it and get chills,” he said.

He also recalls that “there’s nothing like it. When you’re standing center ice by yourself with people standing on their feet applauding what you just did. There’s literally nothing better.” 

Although Razzano is retired, his passion for the sport is stronger than ever. He currently serves on the committee that selects the athletes for the games.

“It’s an honor to be on it,” he added.

Along with teaching on the committee, Razzano also teaches full-time.

As for advice he gives aspiring skaters who dream of skating professional someday, he says give it everything you have.

“Work, work, work as hard as you can every single day,” he advised.

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