Meet DeAngelo Murillo, the force behind


PHOENIX- Meet DeAngelo Murillo. He’s the driving force behind, a site dedicated to cosplayers, fandoms and more.

It all started when DeAngelo discovered an incredible yet underrated cosplayer at a con nearly seven years ago. So, he decided to create his own website to celebrate the underdogs of the geek world. By the way, DeAngelo defines a geek as someone with a passion for a fandom like Game of Thrones, Star Trek, etc. 

Originally, DeAngelo was writing articles, taking pictures, running the site and more. Plus, most of his skills were self-taught with the help of Google and Youtube. Now that his team is expanded, DeAngelo mainly focuses on running the site, writing articles and setting up community events. 

Ultimately, DeAngelo’s goal is to create a community of geeks giving voice to the underrepresented whether that be minorities, the LGBTQ+ community or individuals. 

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