Man Orders Diamond Bracelet for Wife, Gets 48 of Them


A Mississippi man got a lot more than he paid for when he ordered his wife a Christmas gift online.

Dale Dickerson ordered his wife a diamond bracelet for Christmas, but that’s not exactly what he got.

He paid $2,000 for a diamond bracelet that he ordered online.

When Dickerson opened the box, there were 48 real diamond bracelets inside.

He said, “I stood there and just stared at it for I don’t know several seconds cause I didn’t know what to do I literally just stared at it and just dumbfounded.”

“I was a nervous wreck,” Dickerson said.

He ordered his wife, Sherry, a $2,000 diamond bracelet for Christmas from a company called Jewelry Unlimited based in Atlanta, Georgia.

When Dickerson received his shipment, there were 48 diamond bracelets in the box but no paperwork.

Just a hand-written label inside.

“I was like, you are kidding me,” said Sherry.

After he caught his breath, Dickerson called the company.

“A manager came on, and I could tell he had a lot of panic in his voice,” Dickerson said.

In this email sent to Dickerson, the manager thanked him for his honesty.

Dickerson sent the bracelets back.

Jewelry Unlimited sent them a pair of diamond earrings as a thank you for returning all the bracelets.

“I love the bracelet but you know 48 would’ve looked better wouldn’t it? No, I’m kidding! I love the bracelet,” said Sherry.

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