Local Magician Headed to Prime Time


Local magician Chris Rose stops by the CW6 office to see who he can fool.

Local magician Chris Rose has been practicing magic for years. He was already semi-pro at the age of 12. Chris’ magic has come a long way since then. He performs at local restaurant Tutti Santi every Friday and Saturday but recently he got the chance to expand his audience. Penn & Teller: Fool Us on CW6 tracked down Chris and brought him out to taping in Las Vegas. Chris had just four days to prepare but was ready as ever to show off his skills. We also had a chance to check out his tricks here at the CW6 office.

He fooled 30 Second Download hosts Hailey Frances and Adam Waltz but can he fool you? You can find out with Chris at his watch party at Tutti Santi Wednesday, September 14th. 

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