“Little” is 100% worth the price of admission, here’s why


Have you ever worked for the boss from hell?  That’s Regina Hall’s character, Jordan Sanders.

Through a tiny wand she turns into her younger self and that’s where the real comedy begins.

Blackish star Marsai Martin pitched this idea for this movie at 10-years-old. She was inspired by the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks! Four years later, she’s the youngest executive producer for a major film. She plays Jordan’s younger self and Martin acted her butt off.

The movie is called little but has big adult laughs. If you bring your kids it might not be a bad idea to have the earmuffs, there was vulgar language. 

Issa Rae plays Jordan’s assistant and if you watch her show “Insecure” on HBO she brings over that same personality. 

The movie’s producer Will Packer also produced Girls Trip, the Ride Along franchise, and other major blockbusters. He brings an all-new perspective to the body-swap comedy.

Little hits theaters this Friday, April 12th. Go see it, it’s hilarious. 

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