Kids In This Country Are Being Overfed

New Obesity Study

LONDON – OCTOBER 5: In this photo illustration a school student eats a hamburger and chips as part of his lunch which was brought from a fast food shop near his school, on October 5, 2005 in London, England. The British government has announced plans to remove junk food from school lunches. From September 2006, […]

Parents in the United Kingdom are over-feeding their children.
The next time you prepare lunch for your kids… measure before you serve! A new study out of the UK surveyed 1,000 parents found that 79% of children ages one to four are eating larger food portions than they should. Most parents… are unaware of the portion sizes they should be feeding their young children. The result: kids are eating the same amount of food as adults. And when it comes to snacking… keep it light! Ten percent of moms and dads gave kids snacks that were larger than normal. The research indicated that most snacks are given to children to control their tantrums, but this is bad news because it can lead to them turning to “comfort food” as adults.

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