Jazz up your Thanksgiving with Glittery Cranberry Sauce


Courtesy: Firebox

PHOENIX – Firebox is selling Glittery Cranberry Sauce and I’m not kidding when I say I need it now.

It is unclear why cranberry sauce is always outshined on the Thanksgiving table. It’s tangy, sweet, and goes with literally everything. What’s not to love?

Now, with this new Glittery Cranberry Sauce, the dish will be the star of dinner. It has a unique flavor infused with orange zest, vodka, and lots of edible glitter.

“Slip a knife-load of this sour sauce onto every asset of your roast for an instant improvement. Meat? Better. Roast potatoes? Perfect partnership. Sprouts? Suddenly tolerable. Pigs in blankets? On another level. There’s nothing that can’t be bettered by a helping from this jar of festive wonder.”

A jar of glittery sauce retails for $12.99, but there’s one catch. It currently cannot be shipped to the United States. However, you could make your own sparkly food dish this holiday season. Here’s a link to some glitter.

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