It’s Official! The Perm is Back


Once you’re an Oscar winning actress, nearly everything you touch becomes gold.

Arizona’s Emma Stone took home the Academy Award for the Best Leading Actress for her role in La La Land at last year’s Oscar. Now, she is the face of a new hair trend. 

Hollywood makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, posted this picture of Stone and its getting major buzz. The actress posing in spiral rods, styled by Hollywood hair guru, Kiley Fitzgerald, makes it official; the perm is back.

To confirm if this was true, we took a trip to Paul Mitchell The School Phoenix

Robert Wood, a Learning Leader for Paul Mitchell, has been doing hair for decades and confirms that he’s seen more clients requesting curlier locks this year.

“Now we’re seeing a lot more influx of people of all generations, all ages, males, females having perms done,” said Wood.

He says that men prefer a tighter curl and that women like to have a loose beach wave. 

Wood is excited the trend is making a comeback, because it allows students to learn something new.

“It was awhile there we didn’t do a lot of perms, so it’s nice for the culture. It’s nice for our students because they get to see that difference,” Wood explained.

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