Helping Single Moms Battle Cancer


Singleton Moms is a Valley nonprofit that assists single parents and children battling cancer.

Jody Farley lost her childhood friend, Michelle Singleton, to cancer at just 32-years-old. Farley witnessed first hand how her friend struggled trying to balance being a single mother as well as being sick. “Just trying to keep her lights on and watch her keep up with the bills, provide her family dinner when she wasn’t feeling well. All of these kinds of things weigh heavy,” explained Farley. She opted to turn the heartbreaking loss into something positive, and six months later, Singleton Moms was born. “Singleton Moms supports single parent families with cancer here in the Valley, which means there is a parent with cancer or a child within the home going through cancer,” Farley explained. Singleton Moms provides a variety of services that assist with day-to-day tasks such as financial assistance with bills, cleaning, providing home-cooked meals, and activities for kids. “Fun is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and we want to make sure even during this difficult time the families have the opportunity to just create some positive memories,” said Farley. 

Singleton Moms is a Valley nonprofit that is able to help Valley families by monetary donations. To help the cause stay afloat, check out their website under the ‘Donate’ tab.

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