Healthy Lunch Made Easy

Sack lunch or tray lunch, it is almost time to decide on school meals.
Don’t overcomplicate it… School lunches that are quick and healthy are a breeze. Registered Dietitian Terri Verason of the Arizona Dairy Council recommends adding a little twist to lunches for your kiddos.. to make them even more satisfying for your little eater. The traditional lunch sandwich for example can be taken to a different level when using different breads such as an English muffin or pita bread. Another great way to ensure your child is eating their lunch is to let them help prepare it. This will make them excited about what is in their lunch sack and also teaches them the important skill of creating a balanced meal. For someone that’s pressed for time preparing the lunch the night before can help make that morning rush smoother. Don’t have time? Not to worry super moms and dads, school lunches are a great option since they are required to follow healthy nutritional guidelines.
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