Google Maps will now alert drivers of police locations


PHOENIX – Google Maps just added a new feature that will alert you if there is a cop nearby or on your commute, and could prove to be a good or bad thing.

“The new feature, now available on the iOS app, allows users to report and pin locations along their route that hinder the flow of traffic. Those can include construction zones, lane closures, objects obstructing the road, general slowdowns, crashes, broken-down vehicles and — the option receiving the most attention — “speed traps.”

Other apps like Waze already have this feature and it usually helps to detect why there is a surge of traffic – police activity – or even to alert you that there is a cop nearby to control caution.

For cops, their concern is that it makes it easier for drivers to commit crimes. It could also create the driver to be distracted.

Is this something you find to be beneficial or a problem?

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