Google Doodle celebrates July Fourth


Time to play ball!

PHOENIX- It’s that time of year once again that we come together to celebrate America’s birthday by being around loved ones and grilling up some dogs. If you’re not outside, Google can help you celebrate freedom.

Google Doodles have always been fun mini games to play on their main page when a holiday is near.

Some timely classic Doodle games have been Slalom Canoe from Aug. 8, 2012 and Pac-Man 30th anniversary from May 21, 2010. This year it’s as classic as America, you play baseball.

You go up to the bat as various foods like a hotdog or cheeseburger and keep hitting runs until you strikeout. You can compete with friends or share your score online. A pro tip for everyone; Watch the pitcher’s hat closely to maximize your runs.

What’s your high score?

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