Google App Finds Your Art Doppelganger


Who doesn’t want to discover their own doppelganger? We used to have to rely on celeb look-a-likes or the even rarer instance of running into your twin at the grocery store. Now, Google is making it easier to find our doppelganger through their Arts & Culture app.

The Google Arts & Culture app has been around for a while now. It lets people explore more than 1,000 museums without leaving their house. The app’s newest feature is currently going viral because it helps people find their art doppelganger with a simple selfie.

This experimental feature allows people to take a selfie and upload it to the app. In a matter of minutes, the app will present an image of your true historic look-a-like.

Taking the photo from different angles or with different expressions, may impact the outcome, but the freaky resemblance will only get better. So try it out and don’t get offended if your true twin is a young boy with a bigger nose than you. Let’s face it – he probably accomplished something major in his lifetime.

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